Lightroom Dark Blue Tone Photo Editing Preset

Lightroom Dark Blue Tone Photo Editing Preset:- Hey friends, welcome to all of you in the Lightroom photo editing article. In this article, you are going to learn photo editing in dark blue colour with the help of the Lightroom app. This is the best and most amazing photo editing. Everyone wants to know how to change the colour and light of photos in the Lightroom app. But this is not easy to do. That’s why I will tell you how to do dark blue tone photo editing using easy steps. I will explain everything step by step.

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Lightroom Dark Blue Tone Photo Editing Preset
Lightroom Dark Blue Tone Photo Editing Preset

About Lightroom Dark Blue Tone Photo Editing

This dark blue tone photo editing has been made on your demand. All the tools of the Lightroom app have been used to make this editing. All the settings have been changed in each of the tools. So if you want to learn this photo editing then read this article very carefully. I hope you will enjoy this photo editing tutorial. I assure you that after reading this article you can do such editing in a jiffy.


Lightroom Dark Blue Tone Photo Editing Method 

Let me now tell you how you can do dark blue tone photo editing. For editing, first of all, install Lightroom Mobile from the play store. Now read the simple steps mentioned below and proceed further.

Colour Mixing – How to colour using this tool. see below.

Yellow Color –

  • Hue -100%
  • Saturation -100%
  • Luminance -15%

Green colour –

  • Hue -100%
  • Saturation -100%
  • Luminance -28%

Aqua Color –

  • Hue +30%
  • Saturation – 50%

Blue Color –

  • Hue -20%
  • Saturation – 57%

Magenta Color –

  • Saturation -80%

Orange colour- 

  • Saturation -50
  • Luminance +50


Colour Grading – Using these tools, you can do excellent colour grading of the photo. If you also want to know about it then read the simple steps given below.

Shadow –

  • Hue + 216%
  • Saturation + 15%
  • Luminance – 70%
  • Blending + 55%
  • Balance + 100%


  • Hue + 231%
  • Saturation + 20%
  • Luminance – 8%
  • Blending + 55%
  • Balance + 100%

Now you can do dark blue colour grading.


Light Tool – With the help of these tools, change the light effect of the picture. Like exposure, contrast, blacks, white etc.

Effect Tool – Increase the quality of the photo using these tools, and also increase the value of the vignette.

Colour Tool- Here adjust the valise of saturation and tamp according to the colours of the picture.


How To Make Dark Blue Tone Lightroom Preset

How to make dark blue tone Lightroom preset. I am going to tell you about it in full detail. You have edited the photo in a dark blue tone. Now you can save it as dng and XMP. Hit the share option at the top. Now choose extract as an option. After that select DNG in file type. Now name the file. After that share it in internal storage. Now you are successful in creating dng preset.


How To Download Dark Blue Tone Lightroom Preset

So friends, if you want to download the dark blue tone preset, then the download button is given below.

  • First press the button.
  • Now open the link in the browser
  • Now download the preset from here.


Preset Download

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I hope you have liked this article on Lightroom Dark Blue Tone Photo Editing very much. Friends, what type of articles do you want to read on our website next? Do tell me in the comments. Thank you have a nice day.


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