Dark Portrait Lightroom Preset Download Free

Dark Portrait Lightroom Preset Download Free:- Welcome everyone to the beauty materials website. Through today’s article, I am going to provide you dark portrait lightroom preset. This is a very beautiful and amazing preset, which I have made on your demand. By using this you can make the pictures beautiful in a few seconds. You all know that not everyone is capable of photo editing. That’s why I thought to let the new photo editor help.

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This preset is great for people who edit photos using the Lightroom app. You can download it for free. I hope you will be very happy to know about this preset.


Dark Portrait Lightroom Preset Download
Dark Portrait Lightroom Preset Download

Information Of Dark Portrait Lightroom Preset 

This dark portrait Lightroom preset will make your photo beautiful in just one click. Apply it to photos like portrait photography and dark nature. This preset can be used in both Lightroom mobile and desktop. Read below about preset download and use.

System Requirements  –

To use Lightroom and preset, your mobile should have a minimum of 3 GB Ram. There should be 64 GB of internal storage. Android version should be 11. The latest Lightroom app must be installed on the mobile.


Full Information On Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom is an Android app for editing photos. Well, it is also software. This app is used to change the colour and lighting effect of the photos. Lightroom has made its brand name in the world of photo editing. In recent times, this app is becoming very popular. Everyone is doing photo editing using this app. This app is made by Adobe company. This app has the most powerful editing tools, which are not available in other editing apps. It is very easy to use, even a common man can edit photos in it. Lightroom app is available on Play Store. From there you can download it for free. If you also want to learn photo editing, then you can start your editing journey with this app.


How To Download And Use Dark Portrait Lightroom Preset

Here’s how you can download this preset, and how to use it. I am going to tell you about it in full detail. I will explain everything step by step.


How To Download Preset –

You all must have heard the name of Google Drive. This preset has been saved in this and I am giving you its link. You can easily download the preset by clicking on the link.

First of all, press the download button.

Now you can see a simple photo. But this is a preset, its form can be seen only after downloading.

Now hit the download arrow at the top and download the preset.

How To Use Preset –

So let’s tell your friends how you can apply dng files to photos. It’s very simple to add dng file to the Lightroom app and apply it to photos. You read the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, install the Lightroom app on mobile from the play store.
  • After this share dng file and photo from the gallery to the Lightroom.
  • Now open the Lightroom on mobile.
  • After this copy settings of the dng file.
  • Now open the photo in the Lightroom app.
  • After that click on menu settings and choose the paste settings option.
  • Now you can apply the dng file to photos.

I hope that you have got complete information about downloading and use.


Preset Download

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I hope you have liked this article on dark and portrait Lightroom preset very much. Friends, what type of articles do you want to read on our website next? Do tell me in the comments. Thank you have a nice day.


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