Aqua And Orange Lightroom Preset | Aqua And Orange Preset

Hello friends, in this article I am going to tell you about aqua and orange lightroom preset, along with this I will provide you this preset for free. These presets are very beautiful and attractive which you can download for free. These presets are special for those who want to speed up the speed of photos. Because with the help of this preset you can edit the photo in just one click. You all know that not everyone is capable of photo editing. That’s why these presets are important for those people who are not capable of photo editing.

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This is everyone’s favorite preset and I have also edited many photos using it.

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How To Edit Photos In Lightroom Mobile

Light Tool – With the help of light tool, you can fix the lighting of the picture. Like exposure, contrast, blacks, whites, shadows, highlights etc.

With the help of Color Tool – color option, the app can reduce the depth of the color of the picture and the option to reduce it. Like saturation, tamp, tint and vibrance.

How To Use MiX Tool –

mix tool, you will get to see seven color panels. By mixing those colors you can make a lot of changes in the pictures. Like face white skin, background color change etc.

Effect Tool – This is a very good tool, with the help of which clarity and texture can be increased in the picture. Also can add inside around the pictures. By the way, if you like to add grain to the picture, then you can do it with this tool.

Detail Tool – With the help of this tool, you can increase the sharpening in the picture. With the help of noise reduction, you can smooth the face.

Profiles Tool – In this tool, you get to see many colorful and blurred, faded etc. types of filters. By applying it on photos, your beauty can be enhanced.

Auto Tool – With the help of this tool, the color and light of the pictures can be corrected in just one click. These tools are important for those who do not have much knowledge of the lightroom app.

Presets – This is a great tool and most people edit photos with the help of this tool. In this, you can add presets and apply them to your photos to make amazing photo edits. If you want presets, you can visit our website BRD Pictures.

Healing Tool – This tool is special for those people who want to remove pimples from their face. You can also smoothen the face with this option.


How To Download And Use Aqua And Orange Lightroom Preset

Here’s how you can download this preset, and how to use it. I am going to tell you about it in full detail. I will explain everything step by step.


How To Get Aqua And Orange Preset

You all must have heard the name of Google Drive. This preset has been saved in this and I am giving you its link. You can easily download the preset by clicking on the link.

First of all press the download button.

Now you are able to see a simple photo. But this is a preset, its form can be seen only after downloading.

Now hit the download arrow at the top and download the preset.


Download Preset


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How To Add And Apply Aqua And Orange Preset 

So let’s tell you friends how you can apply dng file to photos. It’s very simple to add dng file to lightroom app and apply it to photos. You read the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all install the lightroom app in mobile from play store.
  • After this share dng file and photo from gallery to lightroom.
  • Now open lightroom in mobile.
  • After this copy settings of dng file.
  • Now open the photo in lightroom app.
  • After that click on menu settings and choose paste settings option.
  • Now you are able to apply dng file to photos.
  • I hope that you have got complete information about download and use.


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