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Top 8+ Video Lightroom Presets Free Download ! Hello friends, you might have edited images using presets, and everyone on social media platforms provides presets to edit images. But today I am going to provide you with a great preset for editing videos. You may have seen all kinds of creative and amazing short videos, all edited using lightroom presets. That’s why we created these presets to help you with video editing. If you want to make good changes in colour and lighting effects in the video, then this preset is very special for you.

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Nowadays people make videos properly with android mobiles but they still look quite old. But if those videos are edited in lightroom then the beauty of the video can increase tenfold. So you can make nice changes to the video using these presets. Complete information about preset download and video editing is given in this article.


What Is Lightroom ?

What is lightroom? Every photo editor needs to know about this. Let us tell you that Lightroom is a photo editing tool. colours, lighting, effects, etc. can be adjusted in the photo using this editing tool. You must have seen many pictures edited in colorful dark style on social media, all those pictures have been edited in this tool. Lightroom tools have made a brand name for themselves in the world. Most people use it to mix colours in photos. Images edited in this tool have a different look. Everyone is surprised to see the pictures with which editing tool they have been edited. So if you are a photo editor then definitely try this powerful editing tool. There are more features available in lightroom Premium which help a lot in photo editing.


Top 8+ Video Lightroom Presets Free Download

So friends you liked this preset and want to get it. So read the steps given below and proceed. Read each step carefully. If you miss somewhere then you may fail to download. So take some time and move forward.

Find the download button given in this article.

After this open the link in the browser.

Now you can see a simple photo. But it is a dng file. You can see its form only after downloading it.


Video Presets Stock


Video Lightroom Presets
Video Lightroom Presets

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Video Presets For Lightroom Mobile
Video Presets For Lightroom Mobile

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Lightroom Video Presets
Lightroom Video Presets

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Portrait Video Lightroom Presets
Portrait Video Lightroom Presets

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How To Add And Use Top 8+ Video Lightroom Presets Guide

So let’s tell your friends how you can put a DNG file in the photo. It’s very simple to add a dng file to the Lightroom app and apply it to a photo. You read the steps given below.

First of all, install the lightroom app from the Play Store on mobile.

After this, share the DNG file and photo of the rome gallery to lightroom.

Now open lightroom on mobile.

After this copy the settings of the dng file.
Now open the photo in the lightroom app.

After that click on menu settings and select the paste settings option.

Now you can apply the dng file to the photo.

I hope you have got complete information about downloading and usage.


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Features Of Presets

  • HD quality
  • Free download
  • New and latest
  • Use in lightroom mobile
  • Usable in video editing
  • No problem


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