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Top 7 Outdoor Presets | Lightroom Outdoor Presets Free ! Hello everyone, welcome to a great outdoor lightroom presets article. In today’s time, everyone likes to roam and play outside the house. Most people are also interested in clicking pictures outside the house. So through today’s article, I am going to give you presets to edit outdoor images. This preset will give nice changes to your images like colour, lighting, effects, grainy look etc. I know you like to do outdoor photoshoots, that’s why you came here. So I must help you with outdoor photo editing. So no worries, I’ve given you the best outdoor presets that you can get for free.

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This article provides a complete guide to preset download and photo editing. Read the full article and edit the photo.


What Is Lightroom Full Information

What is lightroom? Every photo editor needs to know about this. Let us tell you that Lightroom is a photo editing tool. colours, lighting, effects, etc. can be adjusted in the photo using this editing tool. You must have seen many pictures edited in colorful dark style on social media, all those pictures have been edited in this tool. Lightroom tools have made a brand name for themselves in the world. Most people use it to mix colours in photos. Images edited in this tool have a different look. Everyone is surprised to see the pictures with which editing tool they have been edited. So if you are a photo editor then definitely try this powerful editing tool. There are more features available in lightroom premium which help a lot in photo editing.


How To Download Top 7 Outdoor Presets

So friends you liked this outdoor presets and you would like to get it. So read the steps given below and proceed. Read each step carefully. If you miss somewhere then you may fail to download. So take some time and move forward.

Find the download button given in this article.

After this open the link in the browser.

Now you can see a simple photo. But it is a dng file. You can see its form only after downloading it.


[ Top 7 Outdoor Presets Stock ] 


Outdoor Lightroom Presets
Outdoor Lightroom Presets

Download Now

Outdoor Presets
Outdoor Presets

Download Now

Lightroom Outdoor Presets
Lightroom Outdoor Presets

Download Now

Best Outdoor Presets
Best Outdoor Presets

Download Now

Nature Outdoor Lightroom Presets
Nature Outdoor Lightroom Presets

Download Now


How To Install And  Use Top 7 Outdoor Presets In Lightroom

First download the preset by clicking on download button.

Now add presets and photos to the lightroom app.

Then open the preset in the lightroom app.

Then copy the preset settings by clicking the menu in the upper right corner.

Now open the picture in the lightroom app.

After this again press the menu given in the top right corner and select the paste settings option.

Now you can see that you have applied the preset on the photo and the beauty of the photo has increased.


Changes Needed After Applying Preset To Photo

Friends, you all know that presets are not equally reduced on all photos. The preset works well on photos that are similar to the currently used photo. Therefore, after applying the preset to the photo, it is necessary to make some changes. Like colour, light, temperature, colour etc. What changes need to be made are explained in the steps below. Read each step carefully and proceed.

Correcting face colour – Change values ​​to correct face colour (tamp and tint). If you want to whiten your face then use an orange colored pen

Adjust lighting effect in photo –

  • Contrast
  • Exposure
  • Black
  • Shadow
  • White



Features :- 

  • Fresh and attractive
  • Download free
  • Can used in lightroom mobile
  • Can be used in outdoor photo editing
  • Premium colour and HD quality
  • New preset 2024


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Friend, in this article I told you complete information about outdoor lightroom presets, you read this article and now I have full hope that you can edit beach photos. Please let me know in the comments what topic you would like to read the next article about. Thank you. Have a nice day.


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