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Top 19+Beach Lightroom Presets Free | Beach Presets Lightroom ! Hello all friends, today I have brought a very amazing and attractive present for you. These presets are mainly used in editing images clicked at the beach. If you want to make nice changes in beach photos then this preset is very special for you. If you go out somewhere, click pictures near the beach and then edit them with the help of these presets. Giving you the best and most amazing beach lightroom presets. You can download these presets for free and use them to edit images. Complete information about presets is given in this article. Such as downloading beach presets, applying presets to images, changing colours and lighting after applying presets, etc.

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About Lightroom App

Lightroom is an android application built based on photo editing and video editing, which is very popular in this world. In this app, you can edit photos in any way. Lightroom app has been installed by more than 100M people on their mobiles. If you want to learn photo editing then you should try it once. Using this app is easier than other apps. Lightroom app was created by adobe company and Adobe company is also a big name in this world. Lightroom was first created for the laptop, PC, and mac corner. But after the huge success of lightroom on the windows platform, The lightroom mobile app was also created for all people.


System Requirement

  • Minimum 8GB RAM
  • 128GB Internal Storage
  • Android KitKat Version
  • Lightroom Mobile App ( Latest Version )


How To Download Top 19+Beach Lightroom Presets Free

So friends you liked this preset and want to get it. So read the steps given below and proceed. Read each step carefully. If you miss somewhere then you may fail to download. So take some time and move forward.

Find the download button given in this article.

After this open the link in the browser.

Now you can see a simple photo. But it is a dng file. You can see its form only after downloading it.


[ Top 19+ Beach Lightroom Presets ]


Beach Lightroom Presets
Beach Lightroom Presets

Download Now

Beach Presets
Beach Presets

Download Now

Lightroom Beach Presets
Lightroom Beach Presets

Download Now

Free Beach Lightroom Mobile Presets
Free Beach Lightroom Mobile Presets

Download Now

Beach Presets For Lightroom
Beach Presets For Lightroom

Download Now


How To Add And Use Beach Lightroom Presets

The presets I gave you are in DNG format. It is very easy to apply it to photos. Read below how to apply it to the photo and proceed.

  • Install the lightroom app from the Play Store on mobile.
  • Now open lightroom on mobile.
  • Select the Add Photo option and install the DNG file and photo.
  • Next, open the preset in lightroom
  • Now select the menu settings option.
  • After this copy all the settings of the dng file.
    Now open the photo in lightroom.
  • Now select the menu settings option again.
  • After this press the paste settings option.
  • Now the preset has been applied to the photo.


Requirement After Applying Preset To Pictures

Friends, you all know that presets are not equally reduced on all photos. The preset works well on photos that are similar to the currently used photo. Therefore, after applying the preset to the photo, it is necessary to make some changes. Like colour, light, temperature, colour etc.

Correcting face colour – Change values ​​to correct face colour (tamp and tint). If you want to whiten your face then use an orange colored pen

Adjust lighting effect in photo –

  • Contrast
  • Exposure
  • Black
  • Shadow
  • White


Snapseed QR Code Photo Editing


Features –

  • Fresh and attractive
  • Download free
  • Can used in lightroom mobile
  • Can be used in photo editing
  • Premium colour and HD quality
  • New preset 2024


My Opinion

Friend, in this article I told you complete information about beach preset, you read this article and now I have full hope that you can edit beach photos. Please let me know in the comments what topic you would like to read the next article about. Thank you. Have a nice day.


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