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Hey guys, welcome to all of your amazing yellow Lightroom preset articles. I know you have come here in search of a yellow preset. So after reading this article completely, your need will be fulfilled. In this article, I am going to give you complete information about the yellow preset. like how can you download it? How to apply it to photos. What changes should be done after applying the photos? I will explain everything step by step. So I request you to read this article till the end.

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Lightroom Mobile App Information

 Lightroom is an Android app for editing photos. Well, it is also software. This app is used to change the colour and lighting effect of the photos. Lightroom has made its brand name in the world of photo editing. In recent times, this app is becoming very popular. Everyone is doing photo editing using this app. This app is made by Adobe company. This app has the most powerful editing tools, which are not available in other editing apps. It is very easy to use, even a common man can edit photos in it. Lightroom app is available on Play Store. From there you can download it for free. If you also want to learn photo editing, then you can start your editing journey with this app.


Amazing Yellow Lightroom Presets
Amazing Yellow Lightroom Presets

Information Of Amazing Yellow Lightroom Presets

This amazing yellow preset is made for new editors. Using this, you can edit the photo in just one click. This will make your photo very beautiful. So how to download it and how to use it? You can read full details about it below.


How To Download Amazing Yellow Lightroom Presets

So guys you like this preset and you want to have it. So read the steps mentioned below and proceed further. Read every step carefully. If you miss somewhere then you may fail to download. That’s why take some time and move forward.

Find the download button given in this article.

After this, open the link in a browser.

Now you can see a simple photo. But this is a dng file. You can see its form only after downloading it.


How To Install And Use Amazing Yellow Presets

The yellow presets I have given you are in dng format. It is very easy to apply it to photos. Read below the method to apply it to photos and go ahead.

  • Install the Lightroom app on mobile from the play store.
  • Now open Lightroom on mobile.
  • Select add photo option and install the dng file and preset.
  • Next, open the dng preset in Lightroom
  • Now choose the menus settings option.
  • After this copy all the settings of the dng file.
  • Now open the photo in the Lightroom.
  • Now again select the menu settings option.
  • After that press the paste settings option.
  • Now the preset has been applied to the photo.


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  • Fresh and attractive
  • Download free
  • Can use in Lightroom mobile
  • Can be used in photo editing
  • Premium colour and hd quality
  • new preset 2023

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So, friends, all of you have read this yellow preset article. How do you like this article? And further you want to read articles on this topic. More good articles are going to come on our website, so definitely follow us. If you have any questions then do tell me in the comments. Have a nice day.


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